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“A Pleasure Doing Business With You” – Another Satisfied Customer of Dempsco

Dempsco successfully evaluated, quoted, and sold a Micro Epsilon laser triangulation/displacement sensor solution to a major jet engine manufacturer in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The customer decided a Micro Epsilon Model ILD1420-100 Laseroptical Displacement Sensor and components was the way to go.  The customer is extremely satisfied with the performance of these lasers and commented to our … Continued

DEPRAG Software Solutions – Protect Your Device from Any Possible Threats

DEPRAG SOFTWARE UPDATES FOR ALL YOUR SCREWDRIVING/SCREWFEEDING DEVICES DEPRAG strongly recommends updating your software regularly so that your application has the most up-to-date drivers, enhanced features, and security updates available; this will ensure that your device is up-to-date and you will profit from all advantages of Industry 4.0. Contact us at Dempsco to help you … Continued

Keller Air Purification Systems for Silica

Attention all EHS Engineers: OSHA has pushed a new silica standard in the last year that has been phasing in for different industries — but greatly reduces the worker exposure limits and makes proper capturing essential as well.  A dust collector filter is only as efficient as the dust that is captured, so improving the … Continued

Dempsco Salesmen Attend Micro Epsilon National Sales Meeting

The Dempsco sales team is currently attending Micro Epsilon’s National Sales Meeting in Raleigh, NC.  They will be learning about new products Micro Epsilon has to offer and be involved in technical workshops and networking sessions.  The Dempsco sales team will be eager to hit the road to present our customers with the latest technology … Continued

US manufacturing technology orders gain in May

U.S. manufacturing technology orders rose to $378.4 million in May, an increase of 7.3% over the previous month, according to the latest U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders Report published by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology. Orders for metal cutting technologies grew 4.5% while forming and fabricating technologies increased 64.8% over the previous month and 117% … Continued

Logo Mark on Round Part

Manufacturers are confronted with the ambition to place their logo on their parts. Parts marked with logos advertise for themselves, and provide customer with the knowledge of where to get more product. High Volume manufactures are restricted to extremely fast cycle times, and some have additional coating or painting processes to do after the marking … Continued

How to Make the Best Use of Industry 4.0 to Improve Quality in Your Plant

The Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 will be fostered by faster Ethernet and Internet 5G. Improvement in quality and production cost reduction are not mutually exclusive. Sensors today can provide part production data useful in spotting errors or trends that allow corrections to be made to the line to reduce bad output. Collect production … Continued

Columbia Marking Tools Automatic Numbering Heads

With an automatic numbering head, there are two (2) pneumatic valves.  One controls the marker striking the part, the other controls the numbering head actuator that ratchets the auto wheel to the next position.  Valve #1 is fired to mark a part, valve #2 is fired at the end of each shift to actuate the … Continued