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Steel Demand is Growing This Year

The World Steel Assn. forecasts steel demand growing by 5.8% to 1.87 billion metric tons this year, after a slight decrease in 2020, with an automotive sector rebound among the leading factors. The World Steel Association forecasts that global steel demand will rise 5.8% this year to 1.87 billion metric tons, then a further 2.7% … Continued

Columbia Marking Tools Steel Stamps and Dies

Columbia’s top quality steel stamps and dies are made for high volume industrial use.  We can engineer dies for your application – roll dies, press dies, stamping dies, custom logo dies, multi-character dies and more. CMT helps customers with just-in-time manufacturing requirements.  Contact Dempsco for more details and discuss your parts marking requirements with our … Continued

“Silent” Scribe by I-Mark – for HIGH production industrial part marking

The I-Mark I series “Quiet” Scribe is the single most popular programmable system sold by Columbia Marking Tools. The solid build of this unit, combined with the Ballscrew drives makes industrial 24/7 high volume marking easy.  Smooth clean marks, easy to use software, solid construction, integrated Z axis, quiet…..contact Dempsco for more details….. info@dempsco.com / 937-436-1000. … Continued

PMTS 2021 – News for our Customers

The Dates for PMTS 2021 have changed! In order to provide the best experience for our attendees and exhibitors, we’re proactively responding to the high likelihood of pandemic-related cancellations in April and pushing PMTS to August 10-12, 2021.We believe hosting this event later in the calendar year will bring a more successful experience for all participants. Since … Continued

Micro Epsilon Announces New Powerful Sensor for Industrial Applications

Micro Epsilon has introduced a new, very powerful, sensor for use in Industrial Applications,  The new optoNCDT ILR2250. The optoNCDT ILR2250-100 laser distance sensor is designed for precise distance measurements in industrial environments. A reflector attached to the measuring object enables distance measurements up to 150 m. Without reflector, the sensor detects measuring ranges up to 100 m. … Continued

Protect Productivity with Eriez Plate Magnets

Protect your product and productivity with Eriez Plate Magnets. Installed in chutes, spouts, ducts, pipes, or suspended over conveyors remove tramp iron to help prevent costly shutdowns associated with machinery damage, prevent spark-caused fires and explosions, prevent product contamination and improve product purity.  Contact Dempsco for more information, evaluation, and quote – 937-436-1000 / info@dempsco.com … Continued

Manufacturing Marks a Second Month of Virus Recovery

According to ISM, indexes for production, new orders, imports and exports, and order backlogs all grew last month, extending positive June results. The outlook for manufacturing continued to recover through July as the Institute for Supply Management reported a second month of manufacturing growth and a third month of growth for the economy overall. The … Continued

Dempsco Wins Eriez Manufacturing Sales Awards for 2019

Dempsco has received two awards from Eriez Manufacturing: Eriez 2019 sales awards for Outstanding Sales Achievement and Quota performance   Dempsco continues to be a leader in sales achievement for Eriez helping our customers reach their goals in providing quality equipment and product as well as customer satisfaction. Contact our office for all your magnetic … Continued