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Permanent and Electro Lift

Eriez offers permanent and electro lift magnets to safely, quickly, and simply lift and move ferrous items such as iron and steel.

Permanent lift magnets

  • Cycled mechanically with a lever which is either operated manually or from the magnet raise/lower crane action or via AC power cycling of the lever
  • Use singly or combine magnets mounted on spreader bars
  • Various models, sizes, and strengths to handle many different lifting applications
  • Models for flat, round, or both types of stock lifting
  • Provide greater safety than many other mechanical handling devices
  • Permanent magnets can be serviced and repaired by Eriez
  • Free Trial Progam

Full Coverage Lift Magnet (For Laser, Plasma, Water Jet Cutting Tables)

Full Coverage Lift Magnet (FLCM) consists of Erium permanent magnets and is normally used to remove/load an entire sheet of steel, cut parts and skeletons at one time.

The magnetic head when in the pickup position rests on the stripper pan. An air cylinder stroke is applied to raise the magnetic head away from the stripper pan when the lifted item(s) is to be released. In operation, the assembly is lowered until the stripper pan contacts the sheets/cut parts to be handled. The magnetic head is then lowered to the holding position. The entire assembly is lifted as the FLCM holds the item(s) magnetically as they are carried to the desired area. The magnetic head is raised and the item(s) is released.

  • The unit consists of a magnetic head encased in stainless steel, a stripper assembly consisting of a stripper head, and a stainless steel stripper pan
  • May be designed to function on other permanent magnet lifting applications like removing cut pieces and scrap from a burn/cutting table
  • The FLCM can be designed/built in various sizes to fit can steel sheet sizes, cut part configurations
  • Multiple smaller FLCM’s can be used with spreader beam for ultimate flexibility
  • Complete system with controls and remote or use your capable remote
  • No risk of dropping loads
  • Loading/Unloading full sheets and cut pieces/skeletons from burn and cutting tables


  • Powered by AC electrical energy being rectified to DC energy
  • Having no lever, electromagnets can be more easily cycled on/off via a switch either directly on the magnet or from a remote pendant
  • Eriez offers Square and Rectangular Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets, Selecto
  • Continuous-Duty Electro Lifting, as well as Heavy Duty Rectangular Electro Lifting Magnets

 Square and Rectangular Bi-Polar Magnets:

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Advantageous for use on irregular shapes
  • Designed for the handling of banded coils, bundles of bar, tubes, pipe, and plates
  • Special-designed pole shoes (radiused or contoured for large rounds, extended poles for high-temperature, flat poles for thin and heavy loads to extend capability)
  • Standard 50-percent duty cycle; 15-minute “on” time maximum
  • Special 100-percent duty cycle available
  • Can be used singly or in multiple magnet configurations

Selecto Continuous-Duty Electro Lifting Magnets are smaller cylindrical magnets for use individually or in multiples:

  • 100-percent duty cycle
  • SL Series standard voltage is 115VDC and requires Eriez rectifier to furnish DC power
  • ST Series standard voltage is 115 VAC, other voltage available and comes with built-in drop control circuit

Rectangular Electro Lifting Magnets are generally used for lifting sheet and plates or rods, bars, and tubes. They are often used in multiples suspended from a spreader beam.

  • Standard 50-percent duty cycle; 15-minute “on” time maximum
  • Special 100-percent duty cycle available
  • Three standard models and lengths from 9 to 96 inches
  • Load carrying capacity from 1860 pounds to 38.8 tons (without safety factor)
  • Material handling
  • Loading steel plate onto plasma and laser burn tables
  • Loading and unloading machining centers
  • Sorting ferrous and nonferrous materials
  • Loading/unloading stock boxes
  • Pipe, rod, and bar loading to saws


Eriez magnetic separator equipment using magnets automatically removes pieces of tramp metal from dry and wet products fed through pipes and chutes, pumped through pipelines, or moved on conveyors.

  • Ceramic magnetic material for applications requiring minimum strength
  • Rare Earth magnetic material for applications requiring maximum strength
  • Available in many shapes and sizes to meet your configuration challenges
  • Plate magnets extract unwanted iron to protect equipment from damage and can be installed in chutes and feed tables, and above conveyor belts
  • Roll magnets combine high-intensity magnetic discs sandwiched between steel pole pieces using gravity and controlled feeding to separate granular material usually from liquids
  • Pulley magnets separate ferrous from non-ferrous material on belt conveyors
  • Magnetic drums available in crisscross or agitator-type magnetic fields remove large and small pieces of iron contaminants from other granular material such as carbide or magnesium
  • Magnetic traps:
    • Protect liquid lines such as those on aqueous part washers and processing equipment such as large gear boxes with lubricating oil to preserve product purity by removing small ferrous particles of scale, rust, and iron from liquids
    • Protect coolant pumps on machining centers, machining lines and machine tools
    • Extend the life of coolant filters by removing big pieces of metal chips and debris
    • Extend the life of cutting tools

Grate and Plate Separators

Eriez permanent magnetic grate and plate separators are available in a variety of designs for use with product gravity-fed through pipes and chutes, loosely transported on conveyors and/or pumped through pipelines.

  • Eriez series of Express magnetic separators offer a solution to every process application.
  • Most Express items are in stock and available for quick shipment!  Need no electric power.
  • Effective for materials such as nails, rust, scale, bolts, welding rods, and other contaminants.
  • Last a lifetime with very little loss of field strength.
  • Manufactured using ceramic or Rare Earth material for increased strength and extended magnet life.
  • Available as separate rod magnets or complete grate assemblies.
  • Extracting small and fine iron when installed in steep-sloped, odd, and irregular-shaped hoppers, vertical closed chutes, and ducts
  • Removal of foreign ferrous material from non-ferrous material from other metal parts in chutes, or items on conveyors

Chip and Parts Conveyors

Eriez magnetic chip and parts conveyors use a continuous series of powerful permanent magnets. The magnets travel on dual strands of roller chain riding in Tuf-Trac oil-impregnated UHMW polymer guides, to pick-up and glide material along the stainless steel slider plate. Material such as chips, turnings, and small parts are then discharged over the head end.

Optional liquid-tight construction allows lower conveyor sections to be submerged. The working face is self-cleaning, and excess fluids drain easily back into the tank.

  • One piece steel housing
  • No external moving parts to jam, break or guard
  • Easy installation
  • Submersible for use in coolant sumps or tanks
  • Self-cleaning
  • Continuous lubrication of urethane chain guides
  • Many shapes and sizes for wide variety of configurations
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Optional side guides, support legs, drive packages, hoppers/weirs, and discharge-end liquid recovery tanks
  • Removal of steel chips from CNC lathes and other metal cutting machines
  • Loading bulk steel fasteners into furnaces, washers, and bowl feeders
  • Removal of swarf from grinders
  • Robot loading & unloading
  • Solar panel support brackets
  • Bulk and piece part loading of process machines
  • Feeding induction heating machines
  • Loading packaging equipment