50 years in Representing Quality Manufacturers

A Letter to Our Customers:

Because we have customers who operate in several essential industries, Dempsco must remain diligent in quoting and providing equipment that allows the US food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, mining, and paper industries to continue to produce their good,s not only for domestic use, but export as well.

Due to the Coronavirus, we have some new challenges these days and Dempsco is here to help you.

The use of technology can allow us to host virtual meetings or online training sessions with our manufacturers. We can review equipment remotely via video conference applications. Our manufacturers’ test labs are still functioning and their engineers are working on material validation tests. And while we cannot necessarily be on a client’s site due to heavier restrictions, we still have the ability to discuss and review applications, and offer great equipment trial programs that customers can take us up on. These technologies allow us all to make forward progress and solve problems even when we can’t all be in the same room.

Because of our diversity, there is still plenty of opportunity where the Dempsco sales engineers can assist you. Our team is more than happy to help facilitate any of our products and services for you and your customers. We will continue to service a multitude of market needs, knowing that now more than ever in our history, we can continue to produce and not leave anyone behind despite all that is transpiring.

Let us know how we can continue to help you and your customers provide the desperately needed equipment and services that are required during this tumultuous time.


The Dempsco Sales Team