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Bon Carter, Dempsco, and Joe Jessop, Criterion NDT, held a Seminar on Non-Destructive Testing with Eddy Current Technology this week at a customer’s facility.  Some of the questions covered were:

What is eddy current technology & how does it work?

How does it compare to other technologies?

What are its advantages?

What are the limitations?

Why should it be used?

How is it integrated into a manufacturing process?

What makes an application succeed or fail?

Visual & tactile learning—Test instruments, sorting unit, and test samples.

Joe Jessop has over 25 years of focus in the utilization of eddy current technology for nondestructive testing of metals. Initial career emphasis involved nuclear steam generator and balance of plant tubing inspections. Joe then leveraged this technology and his applications engineering experience to support manufacturers of high quality and safety critical components. In 2009, Joe became President of Criterion NDT, a US manufacturer of production-ready eddy current instruments and sensors. Criterion NDT’s products are now used globally, providing test solutions, engineering and sales support for OEMs, Tier 1 & Tier 2 manufacturers within the Automotive, Industrial, & Medical industries.

Let us know if you would like to schedule a Lunch and Learn for your company on Non-Destructive Testing with Eddy Current Technology.