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“Thanks for great competitive information.” – A major Dempsco principal 2/28/2020

“Thanks for continuing to push for this!” – A satisfied customer 2/14/2020

“I am happy to report that we are already at goal for the 2nd half of 2019 thanks to your hard work…!” – A major Dempsco principal 11/18/19

“Kurt…we love the good word….thank you.”  – Darrell Milton, Eriez 10/31/19, upon notice of a large sale in our territory

“Great stuff thanks! – Steve Sochowski, Micro Epsilon, 11/1/19, complimenting Kurt on excellent introduction, demo of a new product, and notes on an application for one of our customers

Kurt, “Thank you for resolving this. Your swift response is very much appreciated!”  – A Satisfied Customer 8/14/2020

“Congratulations Dempsco on your 15th anniversary!  It is our pleasure to work with you! – From your friends at ERIEZ” – August 2020