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Dot Peen

Columbia Marking Tools manufactures a full range of industrial marking products including stamps, impact, programmable, roll, and laser marking systems.


Columbia Marking Tools dot peen marking is performed with a carbide or diamond-tipped stylus that is mounted to a motorized X-Y axes marking head with controller.

  • Pneumatic Z-axis movement.
  • Mark alpha-numeric characters and machine-readable 2D codes, logos.
  • PC-based, Ethernet-capable (and any other communications bus) controller.
  • Ability to control two marking heads simultaneously.
  • 100% made in the USA, using all domestically manufactured and available stock components.
  • Plug and play bench top models.
  • Machine mountable dot peen markers for medium and high-volume jobs.
  • Available with rotator for marking OD of round parts.
  • Fast marking speed up to 10 characters/second.
  • Z-axis extensions to reach inside part recesses and cavities.
  • Logo marking
  • Part identification
  • 2D bar codes
  • Traceability
  • Date coding
  • Inventory tracking
  • Quality control
  • Warranty verification

Silent Scribe


Columbia Marking Tools scribe marking is performed with a diamond-tipped stylus that is mounted to a motorized X-Y axes marking head with controller.

  • The stylus assembly itself provides the Z-axis movement of the stylus to and from the part surface to provide continuous line segment marks.
  • The stylus moves along the surface and forms marks including alpha-numeric characters and machine-readable 2D codes and logos.
  • The scribes can make different, independent marks, including man-readable on one head and 2D Matrix on the other.
  • Patented Square-Dot 2D marks for improved readability by machine vision camera.
  • Quiet “silent” marking – OSHA approved.
  • Supplies clean, crisp marks for sharp appearance in logos.
  • Near-laser quality, at a fraction of the cost of lasers.
  • Superior 2D codes with laser-like quality
  • Mark prior to e-coating to create post-production scannable 2D barcodes
  • Part identification
  • Traceability
  • Date coding
  • Inventory tracking
  • Warranty verification
  • Quality control



Columbia Marking Tools laser engraving/marking. High speed, high quality marking. The non-contact laser marking process is available as standard benchtop, floor mounted, and custom designed systems. Columbia also offers standard and custom laser enclosures meeting US Government regulations for laser safety.

  • Windows® Software offers easy operator interface
  • Minimize cycle time with automated turntables and doors, integrated mark verification, lighted work areas, and gang multi-part marking capabilities
  • Mark/engrave most metals and plastics
  • Mark/engrave natural materials: wood, hard papers and fiberboard, finished leathers, some latex rubber compounds
  • Serial numbers, birth-history numbers, part numbers, and logos are common applications
  • Cutting tools
  • Aerospace parts
  • Automotive such as brake and safety components
  • Medical implants made from titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless steel, medical plastics
  • Surgical devices
  • ID tag marking
  • Plastic laser-sensitive polymers, standard cast acrylic, acrylic sheet, and other cast resins
  • Steel and aluminum bars, billets, castings, and finished parts
  • Test system witness and grading marks

Impact Markers


Columbia Marking Tools air impact markers offer a simple, durable and rapid method for marking a wide range of metals.

  • Cycle times less than 2 seconds
  • Tag markers
  • Numbering heads for serial numbers
  • Slide-A-Mark, dual-acting impact markers
  • Standard and custom systems engineered to your application
  • Pedestal mount for integration into robotic cells
  • Machine and part identification
  • Witness marks in test machines
  • Traceability
  • Date codes
  • Warranty verification
  • Quality control

Roll Markers


Columbia Marking Tools roll markers are ideal for producing high-speed, high-quality, deep and permanent marks. They are used to individually mark cylindrical solid and tubular parts and continuously mark long metal bars prior to machining into individual parts.

  • Bench top roll markers for small, individual parts
  • Robust floor mounted roll marking machines for bar stock marking
  • Roll stamps for marking text, numbers, and logos
  • Bar marking around the periphery, along the axis, or in-line continuous marking of metal raw stock and piece parts
  • Automotive struts and shocks, brake rotors, spindles, and wheels
  • Motorcycle muffler marking and handlebar knurling
  • Bar stock markers
  • Firearms
  • Plumbing components, valve bodies
  • Pipe and tube marking

Custom Design

From impact markers and roll markers, to dot peen/scribe and laser markers, Columbia Marking Tools can custom design and build a part marking system to identify your product.

  • Complete turnkey marking systems to your specifications: material handling, controls, PLC, robots, vision systems, etc.
  • 2D Mark-And-Read stations to verify correct machine-readable bar codes at the initial production point for part birth-history traceability.
  • Impact markers can be built as stand-alone system in pedestal mount or custom integration.
  • Dot peen/scribe or laser markers can be free standing machines for loading/unloading by an operator or by robot.
  • For automation, markers can be fixed or mounted on linear actuators to move the marker to/from the work piece for marking.