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InterTech Development Company is a world leader in automated leak and functional test incorporating a Patented high speed (short cycle time) Mass Flow technology, pressure decay and helium mass spectrometry.

Leak Testing

  • Shorten leak test cycle times up to 70%. Instantaneous measurement flow at the end of stabilization.
  • Mass Flow: Direct measurement, independent of pressure and volume
  • Leak measurement from 0.01 sccm to 20 sccm
  • < 5% Gauge R&R
  • Pressure Decay: Pressure change vs time. Used primarily for testing small parts or where cycle time is not critical or larger volume parts
  • Differential Pressure Decay: Use of differential pressure transducer for testing higher pressures more than 20 bar (300 psi)
  • Model M107 Mass Flow Leak Detector: Configurable for a wide range of test requirements
  • Model M1075Y Multi-Channel Leak Tester
  • Turnkey Systems: Patented Hydraulic Clamping Technology.
  • Screen Display Options: Test display, Graphical display, statistical display
  • USB, RS232 Ports. EtherNet IP, TCP/IP
  • Optional Temperature Compensation
Automotive Applications:
  • Crank Case
  • Carbon Cannister
  • Electronic Control Module
  • Fuel Filters
  • Fuel Injector
  • Large Volume Automotive Parts
  • Radiator Core Leak Test Stand
  • Transmission Hydraulic Control Module
Medical Applications:
  • Catheter Testing
  • Oxygen Delivery System
  • Blood Collection Bag/Kit