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Process Monitoring

In-Process monitoring with waveform measurement using curves with configurable entry and exit sides, multi upper and lower limit windows, thresholds, trapezoids and envelopes to create and analyze specific areas of interest.

Digiforce 9307:
  • 128 measurement programs
  • Press force/distance, torque, spring and switch and functional testing
  • Simultaneous monitoring of two synchronous processes
  • High measurement accuracy. 0.05% of full scale
  • High speed. Ultra-fast 15 ms evaluation and data transfer
  • Communication Interface: USB front panel, RS 232 Ethernet
  • Fieldbus interface: I/O, EtherNet IP, Profibus, ProfiNet, EtherCat
Digiforce 9311:
  • 16 measurement programs, force/distance monitoring
  • Display and analysis of last fifty measurements
  • Quick USB data logging
  • Automatic Sensor recognition
  • Systems options include load cells, LVDT’s, torque sensors
  • Bushing Press Assembly /Seating
  • Rotary Switches Torque/Angular Displacement
  • Hinge Testing: Torque and angle response
  • Crimping: Measure the force applied of material deformation (force/time)
  • Integrate into Manual, Hydraulic, Air Press, Electric (Servo)
  • Multi-Channel Monitoring (Cylinder ead assembly)
  • Spring Testing: Hysteresis between applying and removing load
  • Clinching: Joining sheet metal monitored by force/displacement
  • Friction Testing: Testing ease of bi-directional movement
  • Dynamic Dampening Response