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Individual Machine, Cellular, Central Filtration Systems

Overall Performance

  • Improved productivity, increased coolant life and reduced coolant costs.
  • Increase the lifespan of cutting tools and provide better machined part surface.
  • Central filtration systems are sized to service a group of common fluid-using machines in a machining department or entire factory.
  • These systems supply large volumes of filtered “flood coolant” to move chips.
  • Handle challenging combinations of metal chip and fine removal mixed with grinding wheel breakdown.
  • Manage situations of high pressure coolant with heavy stock removal.
  • Provides consistent coolant levels and temperature throughout machining operations.
  • Resolve aeration and cavitation challenges by providing heavy oils at required pressures.

Vacuum Filters

Vacuum filtration design replaces costly and complex hydraulic or air closure systems that typically seal flatbed pressure filters.

Low Volume Filters: gravity bed, cartridge, magnetic roll separators, and centrifuge

Media Vacuum Filters: rolled paper to achieve down to 10 microns filtration and 2,000 GPM flow rate

Hydroflow CBN Series Vacuum Filters: specifically designed to handle heavy oil associated with CBN machining

Vacuum filtration design replaces costly and complex hydraulic or air closure systems that typically seal flatbed pressure filters

  • Innovative vacuum pump handles clean coolant only, drawing dirty fluid through the media, eliminating the wear associated with pumping dirty coolant
  • Features high flow rates (up to 100 gallons per minute or 378 liters per minute)
  • Conveyorized dirty tank and filter section in one assembly eliminates the settling, backflow, and balance problems associated with pressure filters
  • Provides complete removal of solids from the dirty tank and removes settled solids
  • Automatic regeneration uses a small clean tank to provide uninterrupted flow of clean fluid to the point of use
  • By introducing only a small section of new media into the filter section, the Hydroflow Vacuum Filter eliminates the filtration spikes caused by pressure filters that index the entire filter bed

Star Filter Central Filtration System

The Star Filter is a patented, automatic filtration system using a centrifugal pump to draw coolant through a permanent media element for multi-machine, complete factory filtration requirements.

  • Nominal filtration of 1 to 3 microns
  • For extra-fine two-stage filtration using cellulose media with permanent filter
  • Water or oil-based coolant filtration
  • Patented Star Filter® for flow rates 250 to 10,000 GPM
  • Large filter surface area; regeneration of entire surface
  • Easily remove individual elements designed for fine grinding coolant filtration application
  • Automatic cycle regeneration and pre-coat
  • Drag out conveyor automatically removes solids
  • Complete project management: piping, sump tanks, installation assistance
  • PLC controls and operator interface with touch screen graphics
  • Grinding, machining: drilling, milling, boring, and turning
  • Aerospace alloys, superfinishing, carbide, glass, cast iron, and aluminum
  • Centerless, ID/OD, surface and form grinding
  • Creep feed grinding
  • CBN grinding/superabrasive machining
  • CNC machining

Deep Bed Gravity Filter

Designed to remove solids from cutting fluids in machining and grinding operations, the Hydroflow Deep Bed Gravity Filter, with increased liquid depth, creates additional head pressure to provide improved filtration versus typical gravity bed filters.

  • Heavy-Duty construction prevents bed flexing, cracked welds, or structural failures
  • Ideal for individual machine tools with water-based coolants
  • Wide seal edges and long path of media ensures tight seal eliminating dirty coolant by-pass
  • Gasket and bolted clean-out port provides easy flushing and cleaning
  • Filtration performance to 2-30 microns or as low as 10 microns with cartridge filter
  • Chainless design eliminates chronic issues that are typical with standard flat-bed filters
  • Steep deep bed design creates drier media

Centrifuge Systems

Provides affordable filtration for low flow rates and can be combined with cartridge filters to polish the fluid to an even greater level.

  • Inexpensive with low operating cost
  • Quick and easy sludge disposal
  • Reusable sludge collection liner designed for long life
  • Compact design
  • Open topped rotator bowl
  • Available in standard or high performance single or double bowl models with a variety of tank sizes and pump pressures
  • Carbide, glass, ceramics, tool and cutter, CBN grinding, honing, micro-finish, and wire drawing