Auto Industry Increased Horsepower

Auto Industry Has Increased Horsepower by Lowering Emissions

Bloomberg News (6/18, Stock, Petri) reports “sometime in the next year or so, the US auto industry will cross a once-unimaginable threshold: Average horsepower for the entire fleet will reach 300,” which “is an absurd number – the stuff of drag-racing dreams. It’s also, almost entirely, a happy accident.” According to Bloomberg, “the engineers tuning up the industry’s average sedans and dad-jeans SUVs have spent the past decade trying to lower emissions; speed was an unintended byproduct.” Ivan Drury, senior manager of data strategy at Edmunds, said, “We’re in the golden age of horsepower. The only thing I’m nostalgic about – that I know is going to die – is the manual transmission.” Bloomberg adds “Volvo is the best example of this modern approach to power.”
  • 27 June 2018
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