Measurement News from Micro Epsilon

Measurement News from Micro Epsilon

NEW universal laser displacement sensor and NEW compact eddy current sensor

New: Universal laser sensor for industry & automation
optoNCDT 1750


• Adjustable measure rate up to 7500Hz
• Intelligent data processing
• Web interface
• Compact size with integrated controller



The new optoNCDT 1750 laser sensor is designed for precise and high speed displacement, distance and position measurements. New evaluation algorithms and enhanced components provide highest accuracy and dynamics. The unique Real Time Surface Compensation (RTSC) feature enables measurements against a wide range of material surfaces. All optoNCDT 1750 models are operated using an intuitive web interface. The settings for the measurement task can be quickly selected using predefined presets. Due to its compact, robust design and different interfaces, the optoNCDT 1750 is ideal for industrial applications in automated machines and production plants. For larger measuring ranges, optoNCDT 1700 laser sensors are available.


New: Compact eddy current sensor with integrated electronics
EddyNCDT 3001-U6 / 3001-U8


• Compact M18 sensor design with integrated controller
• Bandwidth of 5000Hz
• Excellent linearity and stability
• Ideal for preventive maintenance

The eddyNCDT 3001 is a new, efficient, inductive displacement sensor based on eddy currents whose compact dimensions have to date only been reserved for inductive proximity switches. The temperature-compensated design provides high stability even in fluctuating ambient temperatures. The eddyNCDT 3001 comes with integrated electronics, offering an outstanding price/performance ratio and easy operation.
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  • 8 December 2017
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