Customer Chooses DEPRAG Screwdriving System over Competition

Customer Chooses DEPRAG Screwdriving System over Competition

DEPRAG and DEMPSCO Win Large Automotive-Related Job in Ohio

Experience means a lot to customers.  Dempsco has represented DEPRAG for over 30 years, having successfully sold automatic screwdriving and screwfeeding systems to our customers in our territory.  DEPRAG and Dempsco have over 90 years combined experience between sales staff and engineers offering our customers the best possible solutions to their fastening requirements.

Just recently, one of Dempsco’s customers in western Ohio purchased a large screwfeeding/screwdriving system from DEPRAG, which included a Screwdriving Function Module, the new EACY feed system, spindles, and controllers.  The customer makes critical safety-related products for the automotive industry. 

When thanking our customer for awarding Dempsco and DEPRAG with their valuable order, our customer replied that a large part of their decision to use DEPRAG is because of the customer’s experience on past projects with Dempsco and Dempsco’s experience with DEPRAG.

Sounds like a winning combination!


  • 24 July 2017
  • Author: Cynthia
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